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Sweet Baby Ayla

I had such a lovely time photographing this sweet sweet ten day old. We did about a three hour session to squeeze in enough cute looks and of course time for a milk break. I could tell Mom and Dad were in that early stage of parenthood that is the combination of being completely in love with their little one, very sleep deprived, a bit confused by it all but overjoyed to finally be parents after nine long months of waiting. It was beautiful to see them working things out as a family on things such as feeding and changing Ayla. These early days are the building blocks of a lifelong family bond and I'm grateful I got to witness it for a few moments.

Ayla's Mom is an interior designer so I could tell that her little one already has quite the stylish wardrobe. She came with a large assortment of bows, wraps, and diaper covers she wanted to use for the shoot. I can't wait to see what other fun outfits Ayla will get to wear in the future. It makes me want a girl of my own, almost. Check back with me in a few years on that one... (I hope my husband isn't reading this).

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